Location is Cala Romantica close to Porto Cristo

About Danji

I did over +500 massages with women. In individual and group tantra sessions. I am a very big connoisseur, love massages and that is exactly what I like to pass on. I have an extremely strong intuition & my body reacts highly sensitively to energies. My star sign is cancer and my ascendant is also cancer. I feel emotional blockages of other people when they are in my presence and can feel with my hands where they are in the body and dissolve these energies. Often, I even get information from above about what the subject is exactly. I have learned to use my body as an instrument to help people. Among other things, I offer sensual massages for women. I deal heavily with chakras & traditional yoga. I have always understood myself better with women than with men since I carry a lot of Yin energy in me. This allows me to understand women quite differently from other men and I can feel exactly what they want. Women tell me I have very gentle hands and a very nice voice 🙂

Whatsapp: +420770626831